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SEO is the premier form of Advertising and Marketing in 2018, whether it’s for profit, or you just want people to understand and empathize with your cause or purpose online.

SEO revolves around website visibility these days and everyone is moving online to market themselves. The main reason? Simply put, SEO is the Cheapest Cost per Lead with the Highest Return on Investment if done correctly.

SEO which consists of two main factors off page SEO and on page SEO (Search Engine Optimization). With that said, most Windsor SEO experts would say that on page SEO is about 30% of the pie while the other 70% of ranking factors is in off page SEO or backlinking.

Most website owners hear about the importance of backlinks and skip the on page SEO altogether which leaves Google with a very weak signal about what each page is about. Remember search engines like Google rank webpages, not websites and each page should have a clear focus optimized around 1 primary keyword, with relative secondary keywords supporting the article along with a solid backlinking strategy intact. These are the websites that you will see at the top of the search engines, ones with both strong on page and off page SEO.

Let’s have a look at these two components of SEO:

On Page SEO:

Keeping Your House in Order

Off Page SEO:

Building an Internet Super Hwy

SOn Page SEO:
Keeping Your House in Order

On page SEO is often determined by Web Search Engine Spiders which are readers of the code behind the visible display of your website. These are robots sent by search engines to “crawl” your code. These spiders, as they’re called, read clean code much more easily, which means you can increase your ranking factors by having W3C compliant code design. This will lead to you having a higher ranking in the search engines, which means more people will see your site for a chosen keyword.

A good Windsor SEO company also makes use of appropriate title and header tags; especially the H1 and H2 tags, which is again, a great on page SEO strategy. These tags tell the spiders that an important section is about to follow after the title, and more weight is given to this section in the search engines as a result.

The Description and Title Meta tags are code text hidden from the human reader; they consist of the description and title of your site and the keywords for which you wish to rank in the search engine results pages. Remember that although the code is not displayed on the website, this will be the text that your potential clients will see come up in the search engine results. Try and have a clear call to action and do not overdo it on keywords. What you want is people clicking through to your site because of well written title and description meta tags.

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Other important on page factors for SEO are the designation for italicized text and bold. The HTML code for the italics is referred to as ‘em’; which means emphasized text. For bold, the HTML code is simple ‘b’. These tell the spider to pay particularly close attention to the text, and further, poorly-written content rarely takes the time to add these features. Most important of all for keyword ranking is link anchor text; these are just hyperlinked keywords. The above link is a good example of proper anchor text, linking to a page about on page SEO.

The next on page SEO factor has varied over the years; keyword density. In the past, cramming your page with the keywords for which you wanted to rank would do the trick; no matter how absurd the sentence sounded.

Today, however, such an action will get your site dropped from search engines entirely if done egregiously; usually, a solid keyword density of between 3%-7% will do the trick and help secure you a good ranking.

The latest search engine algorithm updates, Google’s Panda and Penguin, have reduced the importance of keywords for on page SEO. So, the next time you work with an SEO agency in Windsor and Kingsville, be careful of the frequency with which the anchor link text is used with your preferred keywords.

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Off Page SEO:
Building an Internet Super Hwy

In SEO circles nothing is more talked about or dreaded by new comers, than doing Off Page SEO also called, “Backlinking” or “Link Building”. This is due to the time it takes finding and creating high quality links back to your website.

The system was derived from the scientific world, where PhD’s would write a new paper theory about a new model or concept they believed to be true. The more “citations” they would get from their fellow colleagues, the more support and respect the paper would gain amongst scientific circles and hopefully be adopted as true information if they were lucky.

Google implemented this model for their search engine as well. Websites with the most “votes” or backlinks were considered of authority and ranked high with in the search engine results. Since recent updates, like Google’s Penguin Update, the search algorithm has gotten more sophisticated on which links it deems are natural and which links seem spamy and considered black hat SEO.

If On Page SEO is keeping your house in order, than Off Page SEO is building a super HWY to get traffic into your store for business. Post Penguin, building backlinks is not always easy and we have seen complete websites wiped off the map. A once popular service called BuildMyRank, which used aged blogs as a service to build links to your site, was completely destroyed by Google’s recent update. A once highly profitable business Gone Forever.

As an inhouse SEO Expert in Windsor for 12 years at various 6 digit companies, I learned very quickly that there is a serious need for quality backlinking services that will work and continue to send traffic to your website, no matter what Google throw’s our way. We are a premium provider of High PR Quality Backlinks and offer a wide variety of Link Building Services that will excel your website into the top 3 positions of Google. Our Windsor SEO experts guarantee ranking and traffic to your site.

If you are already familiar with SEO you can start by clicking “Services” at the top of the page, or if you have any questions give us a call for a free Consultation with our Windsor SEO experts.

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Chris and his team at SEOBANK created a strategic SEO and SMM plan for my business and the results were terrific online! I am amazed at the calls I am still getting!

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Chris Labbate, from SEOBANK helped my online E-commerce store not only recover from a Google Penalty, but they were able to get us a better rank than before any of the algorithm changes! We are now back selling better than ever.

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SEOBANK was a major factor in my overall lead generation and subsequent increase in sales. Thank you, Chris.

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I have used Chris twice for different social media campaigns. It has been great for business. He is prompt to reply and answer questions and his SEO is effective! I can see my business grow through the work he does.

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The team at SEOBANK has been amazing to work with. They are an incredibly skilled team, who has significantly helped with the awareness of my business online.

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SEOBANK’s last marketing campaign got some serious attention! It seems like Google was quite impressed, I got more than a few emails. Good Job! Also I like what you are doing on the website!

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SEOBANK developed an Adword campaign for us in a very timely fashion. He saved us money by analyzing others in the industry and only investing in keywords that proved to be the most profitable. I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

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Hi, Chris Labbate, your hard work is paying off and we are already seeing the fruits of your labour. I am ecstatic to have you as our online marketing guru. My only regret is not hiring you sooner! #BestSEOguyEver

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