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Increasing Your Company’s Visibility with Organic SEO

Whether you are a plumber, roofer, electrician, landscaper, doctor, lawyer, dentist, corporate coach, financial advisor, realtor or even a marketing company, if you rely on leads as an organization we can help you elevate your sales efforts in today’s competitive landscape. Many businesses in the London area are turning to digital marketing as a means to steady customer growth. If you have been searching for one of the SEO Services London to assist you with your online presence, trust the honest reviews from SEOBANK’s customers.

Have you searched for affordable SEO services in London, Ontario? Customers have become very savvy, researching businesses behind the scenes before they buy, and Google is the first stop for many potential customers. Businesses can lose a lot of customers at the search bar by not showing up in the results.  This is why having the best online marketing is crucial to the success of any business today. This is only the first step. You must meet your customers at each stage of the sales funnel as this completes the process and will result in more long term profits. Paying attention to the customer journey and creating demand for your products and services will get a higher number of loyal customers. It is essential today to always be looking at the sales funnel through SEO and to work through it with a trusted SEO professional who can guide you on the paths to success.  Let’s explore these ideas further.

Stage1: Building Awareness

The widest part of the sales funnel is awareness stage. Obviously, if a customer does not know that you exist, then it is impossible for them to contact you. You basically don’t exist if you are not found on the first page of Google, as it receives about 95 percent of all search traffic in Canada. The best way to build awareness and ultimately rank high on a Google search is to use long-tail keywords, like “Your Brand & Your Product/Service Keywords“, to connect with customers who are looking for your services. Expanding your visibility is the next step, as there are many different ways to be found on inside Google including having your content appear in:

Local SEO Map packs – Google My Business
These are the first 3 results in a Local Google search, packed in a group of 3 GMB Listings.  Being listed in many different local listing sites (Directories & Citations) may be the most important factor in ranking high on a Google search.  Also, keeping in mind that those listings need to be consistent as this is extremely important to Google. Canadian directory listings can be an authority signal to Google that you are legitimate business.  The more your business appears in trusted and authorative local listings, the more Google rewards your business with rankings.

Answer boxes – PAA
Lets say you have search something online and the “People Also Ask”  answer section shows up in a box of questions which features your website page.  It’s genius but how does your website appear in an answer box?  Ranking #1 in a Google search will help but is not required, simply having the answer appear on a first page query does the trick!

Featured Snippets
Featured snippets, sometimes also called rich snippets contain photos, and usually a full image display right in Google Search results that really stand out for better attention grabbing features. These featured snippets rank higher than any other organic search result, usually above position #1, and thus has gained the kick-name “position zero” and is highly prized among businesses and SEO’s alike.

Stage2: Expanding Interest

After your business has some brand awareness and visibility in the search engines, you can now start to capitalize on other opportunities that Google presents to us online. We in the digital marketing industry have this term, “The Blended Search Results” which means there are a variety of different channels to market your company through different mediums. Just think about the Google search bar for a moment, not only are their organic search results (website pages) but you could also create targeted campaigns for… Video Search, Image Search, New Search, Products and Shopping ads, even social media posts can get into the blended search results.

Each new search method is a way to expand and capture new interest for your products and services, a well-rounded digital marketing campaign would target not only keyword research, but dominate all of the first page of Google, with different marketing collateral for your main keywords.

As you can tell, this can be a mountain of work and you may not know where to start!  Begin by allowing SEOBANK a long standing digital marketing agency determine a strategy for which search engine marketing would provide you with the best results for your company.

Stage3: Capturing Interest

Now that you have some visibility online by using a search engine optimization (SEO) service to create awareness of your company and the products or services that you offer, the next step to focus on is capturing interest. You have less than seven seconds to capture the attention of a viewer once they arrive at your website, so website design is crucial. Create memorable content that is valuable to your audience base, and start capturing some micro-conversions. This may be signing up for your company newsletter, or getting them to subscribe to your blogs push notifications… they are not going to be customers right off the bat, but you can easily capture some emails to nurture the lead to a full sale once you built up some trust in your brand. Lead capture forms are a great way to build your email list, and give customers something valuable to remember you.

Stage4: Evaluate and Comparing Brands

Now, you have used affordable SEO services to capture your target audience’s attention and give them some basic information, the next step is to make it easy for customers to evaluate your product and company. There are numerous ways that this can be done including creating social media accounts to interact with customer questions and answers around your services. Make sure that you have claimed accounts on the social media sites that your targeted audience uses the most like, Facebook, LinkedIn, Alignable, etc.

You may also want to build out content around “Your Company Vs. a Competitors Brand” this way you get to control the narrative and have strong company positioning around your unique value proposition in the competitive landscape. You could do a comparison blog post, like Apple Vs PC and why your company is just plain cooler than the competition. You will also have to closely monitor your online reviews, which brings us to our next topic.

Any good SEO company will help you develop a plan to respond to reviews appropriately, usually called, “Reputation Management”. It is important to know over 90 percent of your potential customers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations or word of mouth. Ask your customers to leave a review of your business when their  product arrives or at the end of the service, if they are happy to do so. The advantage of reviews is that they are form of free advertising, and will usually appear when searchers enter terms into search boxes like SEO London Ontario, plumbers London Ontario or The Best Doctors in Canada or other keywords related to your industry.

Stage5: Engagement and Conversions

Be sure to constantly communicate with your customers on all platforms, in store and online.  Engagement is key to good reviews and repeat customers.  According to most experts owning digital marketing agencies, sales funnels are vital for you to capture and convert your customer base. Videos showing how to use your products or answering frequent questions can also be beneficial. You may also want to talk to your SEO Professional about creating some email marketing sequences to keep your customers engaged with the latest company news including new products. Having great bottom of the funnel lead capture strategies will keep sales happening if done correctly with the right marketing tech stack. There are a lot of landing page and email automation software to choose from, so let us help you navigate the best solutions for your business.

Stage6: Loyalty and Commitment

Getting customers to sign up for your service, visit your retail store or buy online is the ultimate purpose of online marketing. Once they have arrived, and made a purchase its your advantage to make sure you keep them happy and help with any on-board processes if your a service based business. Most Company brands are investing heavily on self-serve, easy-to-find answers to your refund policies, shipping information, payment details and of course a method of contacting the company quickly if any problems arise.

This is a new age of business but the simple concept of meeting the needs of your customers has grown immensely with people demanding real time results.  Business needed to change and adapt to this behavior because the customer has.  Their ways of shopping for products and services have drastically changed since the digital age (especially during the pandemic) and your business cannot do without SEO services or online marketing as it is the only way to meet their ever-changing needs and it’s ultimately crucial to the survival of your company’s success. If you meet their needs, you will succeed!  The best SEO company is the one who will lead your customers through every step of the sales funnel, and it can be done affordably! You are investing in a service that will pay for itself by delivering great results and more sales to grow your company.


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