Increasing Your Brand’s Exposure on Facebook

Visual Branding On Facebook

Creating Consistent Brand Standards for Better Facebook Marketing.

Usually, we think about a top brand before purchasing a product or signing up for their service. As consumers, we develop trust towards a specific brand name due to their quality or association with what the company stands for.

Today, when a new company is going to compete in the global market, visual branding must be done in order to capture some of the mindshare of the public. People are much more convinced with visual representation rather than written text or simple audios in advertisement technique.

Not all audience get ample time to go through the texts. When anything is in the form of a picture or moving object, that makes them much more convincing.

Along with making a good-looking presentation, the visual branding directly communicates the message. Here are some visual branding tips to get you started.

Social Media Visual Branding Tips

  1. Understand The Psychology of Colour in Marketing & Branding
  2. Create a professional business logo for all your social accounts
  3. Adhere to Brand Standards (Colours & Fonts) consistently
  4. Create social media templates or add your logo to social media visuals
  5. Create clear messaging that is congruent with your companies core values
  6. How does the public view your Brand, Warm & Fuzzy, Corporate & Serious?

Find out what resonates best with your ideal client and start a list of where your flock is hanging out online. You will be able to start branding your business in the right location, remember birds of a feather flock together ; ) If you are a B2B business you may want to select a completely different set of social media accounts compared to B2C.

Need a little direction? What about a done for you social strategy? Have a look at our social media marketing services page and book a free conversation with one of our Social (SMM) Certified Team.

Examples of Great Visual Branding

Facebook is a social media platform where almost all business leaders are posting their brand, products, and seo services Windsor.

This is producing a much higher ROI than the other web marketing London ON. The World has gone DIGITAL. It’s quick, engaging, and allows you to target a specific demographic while still hitting a large marketing goal.

Let’s see a few of the companies that excels at visual branding on Facebook.

  1. Crate & Barrel

    Who doesn’t love looking at the photos by Crate & Barrel? Look at all the homey and eye-catching pictures they share.

    All these photos have four things in common. They all have the color white, a touch of color of green, soft color schemes, and all are related to home and lifestyle.

  2. Shake Shack

    This is one of the pages I hate to follow because it makes me So Hungry!

    If you’ve ever eaten at Shake Shack, what you see is definitely what you get: delicious, unforgettable burgers. yum!

    Not only are they consistent with sharing burger craving pics and fries photos, they’re also tempting their audience to grab a bite.

    If you’re a food business and you 100% believe that the meals and dishes you offer are the best, you can try this visual strategy. Share photos of your food more often and make them so good that you make your audience drool.

  3. Fila

    Being sporty looks so stylish and cool … if you looked at Fila’s photos above you almost feel like you got more game, instantly!

    Fila’s photos are like a cross of TSN and fashion blogger’s page. The more you look at it, the more you want to copy their style. From the way, they take their photos and the consistent colour branding, which are primarily blue and white – which are of course just reinforcing the colors of Fila’s logo.

    See where I am going with this?

    They might not all be the same shades of blue and white, they also break away from their standard branding for female shoes and clothing.

  4. Dairy Milk

    Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate Understands.

    I know it and you know it, you are salivating right now. Cadbury Dairy Milk’s page is full of picture after picture of luxurious chocolate. Anyone can see that they stay true to their Brand and have purple hue’s on everything.

    You know this is a company with serious brand standards and it shows. Even the Dairy Milk Logo itself is two glasses of milk pouring into the design, more ways to tell your brain Cadbury has dark, rich chocolate and you want some.
    The brand stands out because they care how they look, serious amounts of data go into Brand Analysis and it pays.

How To Establish Your Visual Brand

If you’re thinking of taking your own photos and you want to incorporate your brand into them without putting a logo, do what Fila does: incorporate the colors of your logo into your photos.

Don’t take random photos of your product, make sure they’re attractive and the colors in the photos represent your Brand’s colors.

If you have more than three colors in your logo, think Google, you can use one or two at a time, if you feel like using all of them at the same time it may be overwhelming.

Just in case you don’t have a logo yet and you want to do visual branding on Facebook just like Fila, there are tools that really helped my company like LogoAi that helps you design a logo in minutes and even generates your brand guidelines for you.


Canva is another great tool that we use to stay consistent on social media and their design tool allows you to save a set of brand standards so you look perfectly aligned with your company’s look and feel every time you post. You can also check out their guide to branding your visual style. Get in touch for Best Sarnia seo specialist.


What do you think? What’s your favorite brand on Facebook that takes their visual branding to another level? Let us know in the comment section below!

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