Reasons why live chat could take your business to a whole new level

Online shopping is on the rise and for good reason. Compared to racing to find a parking spot and getting tackled by on coming shoppers, the ease of sitting in your easy chair and doing both research and online shopping has become very convenient. However, it can be troublesome as well if there is no one guiding a customer through to the right product they are after and answering questions along the way. Customers need a professional person who can answer direct questions precisely in real time as they come up. Sometimes going to the store is an advantage for the very same reason. So that you have someone to talk to and who can answer all your questions without having to wait, for an email response or a call back, ect.

If an online shopping site mimicked that of a real store experience, more visitors would turn into customers because this makes the shopping experience direct and easy, with a personal guide to help ensure the sale is made. This is one of the sole reasons, why companies are turning to live chat support to increase sales on their websites. Live chat provides the clients with the answers they need without having to wait for long for replies. Increasing the Customer Experience makes things easier for the client and way more convenient for making a sale on both sides.

Let’s see how live chat can turn your website visitors into customers and how you can maximize the impact it makes on your business:

  1. Live chat is easy to install and convenient for the customers

    Live chat support is easy to install on your site, and it doesn’t need you to have a lot of code expertise. For live chat service providers like Olark live chat, you just have to copy your Olark javascript code and paste it into your site. After this, the only thing left is to log into your personal Olark dashboard and start engaging vistors with chat. Helping your customers has never become this easy. Olark is quick and easy to install and also customize. You can start chatting with your customers immediately in your web browser. Jivochat works on the same principle, but it gives you access to the control panel through the administrator account that you create when starting the setup process. You can download the agent application with Jivochat and install it directly on your website, or you can copy the chat code for website installation. After all this, you can start chatting with your customers directly. Getting feedback from your customers is easier, and this helps you improve your products and services.

  2. Interactive live chat increases sales

    Customers are more willing to go back to a site with live support because it is easier and faster to shop. Olark gives you quick and integrated chat services within your website. Customers chat with you using all platforms like Facebook, Twitter, email and others. Olark will give you an integrated service by fitting all these chats within one communication funnel. All your customers’ conversations will be organized in one place.

    With Jivochat, it can be integrated into as many communication platforms as compatibly possible. According to an survey, 63% of customers are more likely to go back to a website with live chat support. The survey also found out that 62% of the customers are more likely to purchase from the site again. 38% of the customers also said that they made their purchases because of the chat sessions themselves.

  3. Live chat gives you a competitive edge

    Many retail businesses are not offering chat services, and this is according to a study by TELUS International. This means that if you are offering live chat services on your site, you are more likely to stand out from the competition and this increases your sales. Live Chat is a simple and more convenient way of connecting and interacting with your customers. Olark makes sure that you get the chance to find out if you are making your customers happier by getting instant feedback from your customers. This enables you to discover how you can improve your products and customer experience. JivoChat helps you to respond to your customers quickly and conveniently using the agent app. With JivoChat, you get one tool to rule all your communication platforms including telegram, messenger, email and others. The agent app is integrated into your daily tasks and this result to a less distracted and powerful team providing exceptional customer support.

  4. Live chat helps you give customized support

    Sometimes, all your customers’ needs can be handled using one message. Knowing your customers on another level helps you give them customized services. For example, approaching your customers at the right moment with a customized greeting can help improve sales. Automatic greetings to customers will also improve your customers experience giving them the insight to come back to the site for better purchases. Whenever a certain customer experiences any problem, using automatic greetings can go a long way into making them feel they are going to be sorted out just fine and in time. For example, Logical Position is an online marketing company, and it says their sales improved by 30% when they started using automatic greetings.

  5. Easy and convenient services

    Live chat can help you turn your website visitors into customers. Making sure that it is easy to spot new visitors and starting an online chat with them is convenience at its best. An survey found out that 38% of customers who purchased an item online did so because of the live chat. With JivoChat, you can never miss a potential buyer with their Jivo mobile application. It doesn’t matter where you are, but with the Jivo mobile app, you can chat with your customers all the time. The key to excellent customer services and relations is answering chats within the shortest time possible. With Olark, you get full control of your chat services. You can accept or reject any new chats. Whenever you are not available, Olark will take a message for you. You can only chat when it works for you.

  6. Live chat is a customer attracting feature

    One of the most important features a website can offer is live chat. This is according to a study called Makin Proactive Chat Work that was done by Forrester Research. The study found out that many online clients prefer a site that has a live chat to help and guide them through their shopping process. This is because the live chat offers the customers immediate access to help, so they don’t have to wait for long to get a reply. This makes shopping faster and more convenient.

    JivoChat offers you a ton of cool feature for your website. They are simple to use, but they help to make your team even more productive. These tools include typing insight, detailed visitor info, CRM integration, real-time visitor monitor, service quality ratings, file transfer, offline lead generator, spell checker and many others. These features make sure that your chats are perfectly timed, and you also get to monitor the visitors to your site. Instant web calls is another feature with JivoChat that help you communicate via a web call if the customer finds it better. With Olark, one of the best features they offer is visitor monitoring. It helps you know who your most frequent visitor is and what they might want. You can even see what is in their shopping cart. This makes it easier for you to suggest other items that could go with the items the visitor has chosen.

    Using live chat services on your website will help you increase your sales and therefore expanding your business. There are no doubts that you will cut down on expenses like mobile phone calls to potential customers. With online chat, you can know what your client wants and direct the accordingly without having to spend more by calling them.

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