6 Social Media Marketing Tips Post-COVID

As COVID-19 has crept across the world, every business has been provoked to rethink its strategies. The global pandemic has not only raised numerous health concerns, but it has impacted consumer choices and daily business activities. This is why, at times, when there is a relative physical distance between the consumers and businesses, it is essential for companies to leverage marketing opportunities to stay relevant.

For example, some companies are already doing blogger outreach to expand their audience and customer base. These uncertain times call for changes in the way businesses market products and services online. But are you wondering how you can do it?

Nothing to fret over, as, in the following blog, we will take you through some of the most effective techniques for marketing your venture across social media. So stick with us and read on.

Here is a snapshot of our top six strategies:

  1. Evaluate the condition of your social media accounts
  2. Be authentic with your content
  3. Be sensitive to your followers’ COVID experiences
  4. Show your company’s resilience
  5. Focus on empathy and social consciousness
  6. Don’t be opportunistic

Why Is Social Media Important in a crisis Like COVID-19?

Let’s go over some data first to understand why social media marketing is still as relevant during the pandemic as it was previously before. According to the statistics revealed by eMarketer, Facebook has witnessed an almost 70% increase in the total usage of its application in the month of March. The percentage is enormous but not shocking. After all, as more and more people are forced to stay at home, social media is seen as an effective way to spend time, connect with people, and follow the local news. In this way, Facebook and other related social media platforms have become the hub of target audiences.

On the other hand, people have also started to turn to other social media platforms in order to kill time, have fun, and get entertainment. For instance, Snapchat saw an almost 47% increase in its total usage from mobile phones based in South Korea. This increase came at the peak of the pandemic in March. Social media platforms are, therefore, enjoying considerable profit and increasing usage from people who are stuck at homes.

As students have turned to remote learning, they also depend on social media platforms to connect with their peers and teachers. Similarly, employees and employers have increasingly started to use these platforms in order to continue facilitating the work. In short, social media platforms now offer greater chances to interact with even those consumers who were not active online before the pandemic. This makes it crucial for businesses to strategize their efforts in a new way of marketing their products and services effectively in the face of the global pandemic.

The Key Social Media Marketing Tips

Now coming to the tips, here are a few ways by which your business can champion social media marketing post-pandemic.

  1. Evaluate the condition of your social media accounts

    Before you can start with anything, it is essential to identify how well your social media profiles are optimized. It is possible that your business never focused on social media marketing before. It is also possible that you closed off many of your social media profiles at the start of the pandemic due to the rising uncertainties. In this way, your first step should be to either start new social media accounts if you don’t have them already or re-open the older ones. Even if you have been posting on and off on the social media platforms, you should then evaluate the conditions of your accounts. In doing so, it is crucial to have a constructive audit.

    This can be done by considering how much engagement and traffic you have received in the past with your existing marketing strategies, how much you have attained the same during the period, and if you are in line with your marketing goals. By doing so, you will be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your social media marketing strategy.
    In evaluating the conditions, you can also identify what your competitors are doing differently from the past to tap into the latest trends and developments in the industry. This will also allow you to understand what the consumers are liking and disliking currently.

  2. Be authentic with your content

    When strategizing your marketing efforts, you need to remember that people are more online than ever before. They have more time at hand, and even while working or taking an online class, they are more likely to scroll through social media platforms. In this way, it is essential to stay connected with your audience. Even if you are unable to sell your products and services right now, you can share content in accordance with your brand values. In doing so, you should pay attention to every element of your content, including the captions, pictures, and customer appeal. Creativity is something that can provide you an edge.

    Brands understand that they cannot ignore COVID during their marketing. This is why it is essential to acknowledge the crisis, understand your responsibility as a business, and promote social distancing while sticking to the aspirations and values of your brands. Since people’s schedules and priorities have also changed during the pandemic, businesses need to reconstruct their communication strategies. This means that businesses also need to understand the preferences of their post-COVID-19 consumers. This can be done with the help of an email survey designed to understand the desires and fears of the customers. Such a measure will let the customers know that your brand cares about them and are extending an acknowledgment during such uncertain times.

  3. Be sensitive to your followers’ COVID experiences

    Regardless of what marketing approach you opt for, you need to take the experiences and fears of your customers into account. You need to establish an emotional bond with them, ensuring them that your brand stands in solitude with them in such uncertain times. In this regard, inspiring and interactive posts across social media platforms can be particularly helpful.

    People are also looking to break away from the sad news that they hear every day from the news channels. In this way, some humor and creativity in your social media posts can bring joy to your customers. Such posts are also more likely to be remembered. You can also show how your employees are navigating through the office or business in order to engage with your consumers.

  4. Show your company’s resilience

    An effective way to market this pandemic is by incorporating the human element in your selling techniques. People are looking more for acknowledgment than false hopes during the pandemic. Instead of creating half-hearted posts with empty promises, you should stay authentic and resilient, ensuring the right message is posted.

    Ignoring the pandemic is also not the solution because it will always raise questions from your followers. You should also let your consumers know that as a business, you understand the liabilities that fall over your shoulders, and you are ensuring to fulfill them. For instance, consumers expect companies to follow COVID-19 SOP’s. You should let your consumers know that you are following all the SOP’s and governmental orders as well while providing flexibility to your audience.

  5. Focus on empathy and social consciousness

    It goes without any doubt that the pandemic has affected everyone, whether directly or indirectly. Your consumers might be affected in tons of different ways. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense that during the pandemic, your priority should only be to sell your products and services. While you are putting your business in front of the audience, your marketing strategies should be followed by compassion. Being kind, acknowledging people’s struggles, and maintaining a proper tone when addressing people is exceptionally crucial.

    Many people have also lost their jobs during the pandemic. Others are working every day on the front line. Many are ensuring that their loved ones are saved, while others are sick themselves. Instead of thinking more about selling, your promotional messages should be extended with a good hand.

  6. Don’t be opportunistic

    It might seem that as more and more people are spending time online, it is a good time to attract more audiences. While there is nothing wrong with expanding your reach, you should focus more on remaining relevant and bringing value to your existing customers instead of just focusing on how much more profit you can make.

    Make sure to stay consistent in the message you are conveying and build trust with your customers. Doing so will allow you to spread a positive yet selling message across your social media accounts.

What In Your Next Social Media Post?

COVID-19 has impacted every business, consumer, and nation across the world. Despite this, there are opportunities for your business to stay relevant, provided that it adopts appropriate marketing strategies. In marketing your products and services, make sure to stay consistent in your message, put a positive message online, and be empathetic to both your consumers and employees. If you are looking for Social Media Marketing for your business, you can find more information about our services here.

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