The Best Local SEO Tips for Roofers

Best local SEO tips for Roofers and Contractors

“I just searched Google for a roofer near me, and your name was at the top of the list!” from your next customer.

That sounds pretty great, right?

It would be nice to know that when someone searches for a local roofer, your business comes up on the first page, or even the very top listing, right?

Well, the way to make that happen is to utilize local SEO.

And lucky for you, this article has essential local SEO tips that you can put to work right away.

So the next time someone in your area needs a roofer, they’ll immediately find you.

Interested? Read on to find out more!

What Is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strategic method used by businesses to help them rank higher in searches on sites like Google and Bing.

If you run a business that provides  seo services to a specific localized area, it doesn’t really help that much if someone from five states away finds you when they search for a roofer.

What you want are ways to maximize your website so that when someone in your actual area searches for a local roofer, your site will be at the top of the list.

Local SEO Tips Always Starts with Keywords!

First and foremost, you want your website and social media posts to be utilizing what are known as local keywords.

It’s basically the idea of taking keywords that are relevant to your business and pairing them with location-based keywords in the area you are targeting.

So, for example, you’d start with words and phrases that are specific to roofing. Examples would include things like “roof repair”, “roof specialist” and “roofing contractor.”

Next, add locations to those keywords. If you are in the Los Angeles area, for example, you might end up with a location keyword like “roofing repair Los Angeles.”

Or, since Los Angeles is such a big place, you might narrow your focus to specific neighborhoods in Los Angeles. So maybe a keyword to use would be “roof specialist Echo Park, CA”

Optimize Your Website with SEO

Once you’ve come up with keywords that work for your area, you’ll need to find ways to work them into your website, blog posts, and social media pages.

Make it as organic as possible. Don’t just have a list of your local keywords in a row without rhyme or reason.

You also need to add these local keywords to the metadata and page titles of your website. This includes your main page, services pages, and even blog pages.

But inserting the keywords is only the first step towards making your website more appealing to the Google and Bing algorithms. You need to make sure the site is updated and looking like it was designed professionally and recently.

Google keeps track of things like click backs, which means they take into account if users click back from a website, as well as how long they stay on that site.

So if your site looks less appealing, disorganized, or out of date, users are less likely to click on it and stay there. Having easily accessible reviews can also help keep users on your site.

Your Roofing Company Contact Info

Another local SEO tool is to keep your roofing company’s contact info visible and consistent across your site.

When a user arrives, the address, name and phone number of your roofing company should be prominent.

And when they click through to other pages on your site, the contact info should still be there for them to see.

Google considers hiding contact info as a sign of a less reputable company. So it makes sense that it ranks sites higher who display their contact info prominently. Plus, when you make your contact info harder to find, you make it less likely that a user will go to your site and contact you!

In addition to your contact info, you should also utilize a CTA (Call To Action) at the top of your site.

Having something like “Get a Free Roofing Estimate Today!” at the top of your website is a clear call to action that will motivate people to contact you.

Who You Are and What You’ve Done

Don’t be shy! Show the world your face, and the faces of your employees.

Having photos of the team members is a great way to add value to your site. It gives users a sense of reassurance that you are legit, and you stand by your work.

And if you have roofing certifications, get those up there too!

Since there are many less-reputable roofing companies out there competing for the same clients locally, you need to stand out. Showing that you have certifications, awards, and any other kind of recognition will impress users and keep them on your site longer.

And again, that not only increases business, but it helps with your local SEO in terms of Google and Bing’s algorithms.

And why not throw some photos of completed projects up on your site too? People want to see for themselves what kind of work they can expect from you.

Mobile Optimization

Finally, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. Many web hosting services will do this automatically, but you should always check to make sure.

Every day, more and more people are doing business (including finding roofers near them!) on their phones.

So your website needs to not only come up quickly on their phone but also needs to be just as organized and optimized as your non-mobile site.

Google takes into account how well your site translates to phones when they do their rankings.

Raise the Roof on LEADS!

Ok, so now you know the best ways to up your Local SEO game. If you incorporate these local SEO tips into your web presence, you’ll quickly notice your rankings going up.

And that’s the best way to get local customers and grow your business effectively.

If you’d like to know more about roofing SEO, or have questions, contact us today!

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