Unlink Posts from Facebook to Twitter Feed

Unlink a Facebook Page from a Twitter Account


Unlink Facebook Posts To Twitter Feed:

I have been looking for an answer on how to remove automatic posting from Facebook to Twitter and finally found the solution online, after hours of searching. With Facebook’s new Insights dashboard it seems like everything has moved around again and a few people have asked me to find this, so here is the post…

Where Did They Move Add Posts to Twitter Feed?

It turns out that whenever I update my Facebook fan page, it updates Twitter, but if your using Hootsuite or onlywire to manage your social media you can be getting double and even triple posts like I was. This might fall into the duplicate content warnings and make the original links worthless. I decided to just unlink Facebook and Twitter, but for some reason, Facebook makes it hard to do that, so I’m spreading the love of my discovery.

To unlink your Facebook fan page from your Twitter feed:

  1. When logged into Facebook, go to http://www.facebook.com/twitter/
  2. Find the appropate page you manage or personal account you wish to unlink.
  3. Click “Unlink from Twitter”

and now Celebrate! All daunting tasks for the day are done, more time for beer and laughter.

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