Top 5 Free Keyword Research Tools

SEO Keyword research is the first task every website owner should undertake, although it can seem painstaking and absorbing valuable time. However, proper keyword selection and spending time researching the most profitable keywords can not only get you better ranking and conversions, but ultimately make the difference in overall success. Make sure you allocate enough time to this valuable task or use a reputable keyword research service provider to do it for you.

A collection of Top 5 Free Keyword Tools for Your keyword competition analysis and Market Research

  1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

    The most popular free keyword research tool from Google, which is constantly upgraded and is a good competitor for paid keyword research tools like WorkTracker.
    Google Keyword Tool

  2. Seogadget Excel plugin and AdWords API tool:

    SEOgadget has a great tool for keyword research and which works with MS Excel making your life easier and organized.

  3. Google Suggest Keyword Scraper:

    Ubersuggest is a keyword suggest or scraper tool. Just give the root keyword, example “best shoes” and select the country to target and it lists out all the keyword suggest ideas for the root keyword, it is like automating your manual keyword collection using Google.
    Uber Suggest Keyword Research

  4. Google Trends- Trending keywords from Google:

    Very popular trending keyword tool from Google. You will know the latest trending keywords and if you are a trend blogger, it will help your drive search engine traffic back to your posts.
    Google Trends SEO Research

  5. Touchgraph SEO Maping for keywords:

    This not so popular keyword tool that I use which acts very much like the now removed, Google Wonderwheel. It serves as a great replacement and maps out both keywords and companies and can show you how they are visually related. I usual use this tool as a good measure of a companies digital footprint as well as keyword research.
    SEO Digital Footprint

BONUS! Hide My Ass Web Proxy:

If you are doing international keyword research and you need to view SERP’s from different areas you can use a web proxy service like Hide my Ass! to allow you computer’s IP address to seem local to other places like the UK. At the starting screen just enter the search engine you would like to search from… Example for the UK you would type “”


Web Proxy Service

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