Make your SEO campaign more comprehensible with these 5 strategies


Google’s algorithms changes frequently in SEO industry, but it doesn’t mean that you have to overhaul or update your entire strategy every time when a new update rolls out. Using these five strategies mentioned below simplifies SEO campaign that will stand even in the time of test. It does not mean what changes the search engines make in its algorithms.

Emphasis less on keyword research and more on market research: Old SEO laid more emphasis on keyword research. This requires the webmasters to spend hours measuring expected search volume against the relative competitiveness of each keyword. It not only consume more time but is also becoming a far less viable approach as Google limits the amount of keyword data made available to SEO workers.


Instead of wasting the time in chasing data that is not accurate, simplify your research by pondering a list of keywords, you believe your customers are likely to search for and start building the content around these phrases. After a month or so, check the stats and then add more content for phrases that are performing well and if not working well, then refocus your efforts on a new set of potential keywords or queries.

Use SEO tools seamlessly: It is worth to include page or post Meta description from a usability point of view. If you write an extra thrilling Meta description that displays in search results listings and encourages a user to click through your site, then it is a win to your website in terms of SEO and overall performance. These SEO tools help you to tackle the SEO processes efficiently from a single and centralized location.


  1. Create a Responsive website:

    Responsive Website design is such a design that comes from the same URL in both desktop and mobile versions of the site. Only the relative displays are altered. If you don’t have a responsive website design then there will be different designs and two separate sites for desktop and mobile version. As a result, you have to run and manage two separate sets of SEO campaigns. Using a single site for different devices can save your SEO time.

  2. Create viral content pieces:

    Getting the back links is a continual challenge for the SEO world. It is important to get the back links from relevant and well regarded site, it is best to do so in a natural way. Even if you follow links as a part of your SEO campaign, you will find that back links are also hard to get.

All of these difficulties go away, if you redirect all your efforts towards producing a viral content instead of proactively seeking link sources. One well designed infographic will help you earn hundreds of back links from great sources. It is true that every content or infographic will not go viral but if you make just a few wins using this strategy, then it can do more for your site’s external SEO rather than spending weeks or months trolling for back links.

Outsource Repetitive SEO monitoring task: Finally, choose a SEO company from outsourcing your SEO monitoring tasks. The SEO monitoring tasks you may outsource are:

  • Checking SERP’s (Search Engine Result Page) rankings.
  • Making sure that all the website content is accessible to search engine spiders
  • Inserting new page links to the directory of your website
  • When outsourcing your SEO monitoring tasks, it is important to select the best Internet Marketing Company or services.
  • Ensure that you do your research effectively and understand the pros and cons of each option before hiring a person or a team to assist your SEO.

Summary: all the above five strategies are simple and remains as it is even if the search engine algorithm changes. These strategies will make your SEO campaign or SEO process effective and easy to handle.

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