Automate SEO The Right Way (3 Things You Can Do Right Now)

SEO, or search engine optimization for the uninitiated, is the process of building up site engagement through increasing site visibility to search engines. This involves a lot of carefully constructed and strategically placed link-building, as well as developing a great “Brand” in the eyes of Google.

There is no other time in history that AI marketing platforms and other ad promotions are at its peak. The increase of Internet usage across the globe has changed the way people research, get relevant information, interact with one another, and develop a language that’s entirely born out of the vast worldwide web. To say that digital marketing is the future is an understatement.

The Digital Marketing Revolution

Being popular on the web, or at least to Google for a specific search item, or keyword is an industry in itself. SEO has opened up new employment opportunities worldwide and spawned a new way of living. Silicon Valley is the shining example that tech companies are as relevant as they are a few years ago.

And there’s no stopping the golden age of the Internet. It’s just in its early days. In the past decade, social media platforms have become a mainstay in SEO, as usage and engagement have skewed towards social communication. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are here to stay, evidenced by more and more people flocking to them every year.

For a digital marketer, navigating the web can be very tricky. Setting up a really good promotional strategy that echoes across the board is near to impossible. Being viral has been the key phrase that most companies use to convey what they want in their marketing campaigns. But there is more to it than that, and SEO is at the forefront of an effective advertising strategy.

SEO Automation and Integration Strategy

Having a good SEO integration and strategy is like having a good and robust foundation for a house you’re building. A good foundation means that it can withstand almost any disasters that may befall it, and thus, you can embellish it any way you want, without worrying about the integrity of the building. The same goes for SEO.

But the glaring truth is that SEO is hard. The principles and theories around it are ever-changing, and so adjustments need to be made to acclimate to those year-on-year changes. This is where automation enters the picture. SEO people automate some of the processes in link building to streamline the overall strategy.

There is a lot of automation that’s happening in every SEO strategy. From content writing to social media posting even the very heart and soul of SEO – link building, has seen a steady yet slow shift in making robots do the work. Here’s the neophyte’s guide to the best methods in automating SEO:

Researching influencers

With the rise of social media, influencers became a thing. Influencers are middlemen for your product to reach a wider target audience. These people have a sizable following on social media platforms and have built up their image and integrity as a point person in their specific niches.

Let’s say you already have a robust, even stellar SEO for your site. The next thing to do is make it known that your site exists and that people should be checking you out. The endgame for any SEO promotion relies on the outreach strategy. How will you find your people? How will they know about you? Herein lies the importance of hiring the right influencers.

Researching the right influencers with the right audience can be very time-consuming. That’s why getting an SEO tool like SentiOne, which listens in on who’s talking about your brand is not only helpful in making the right decisions, it also cuts down hours of cold emailing your prospects and “courting” them.

Sharing to Social Media

Okay, this right here is kind of a controversial topic. As conventional knowledge in SEO goes, social media engagement ultimately does not influence ranking. This may be correct, and a sound nugget of wisdom in the industry, but what you’re doing when you integrate website postings to your social media platforms is effectively marketing yourself in the process.

It should be given that social shares are included in your SEO strategy. Most amateur SEO strategies will go in hard on social sharing, when in fact strategically scheduling it is a much better option. Backlinks from social sharing can be gained through targeting the right people – the niche experts and making them take notice.

Keyword And Backlink Monitoring

Automating backlink monitoring is one of the best methods to automate your SEO strategy. Arguably the most boring and menial task of the SEO strategy bunch, monitoring changes in a keyword, keyword strength, backlinks, etc. not only takes time and effort, but it can also keep you away from developing better strategies and looking at possible modifications to strengthen your website’s ranking.

And every SEO person worth his weight should have at least made the move to possibly optimize this. Websites like use tools like SEO Ranking which greatly helps in aggregating and collecting the changes and notifications in one dashboard, so the hours you spend on harvesting are trimmed down.

Final Thoughts

Automating parts of any SEO strategy means optimizing systems and software platforms to streamline your process. Like a well-oiled machine, a streamlined SEO strategy makes it easier for the company to get where they want to be at, in the shortest time possible. SEO people shouldn’t be afraid of automation, in fact embracing it will make their lives easier.

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