12 Interior LinkBuilding Factors


On-page Linking Factors For Crosslinks

Creating a new website and marketing it online can take up serious time. To tackle a large online marketing campaign it is wise to break it down into scheduled tasks and timeline your goals and milestones.

When creating a new project here at SEObank.ca we have departments for each scheduled task and usually break things up into three categories…

  1. On Page Optimization
  2. Interior Linkbuilding
  3. Off Page Backlinking

Creating interior linking will not only help your users find relative data but it will tell Google what your website content is about. SEO experts will create interior crosslinking profiles for link sculpting and proper website architecture. These play and integral part of online marketing, here we will cover some basics of interior linking. Website architecture is beyond what we can discuss here in this short post but you should have a look at this article to learn more about successful site architecture for SEO by SEOmoz.

12 Interior LinkBuilding Factors to Consider

  1. Link embedded within relevant content that discusses link target
  2. Title, headers, and content focus on one page topic / keyword
  3. Relevant text surrounding the link
  4. Does the page rank for its title?
  5. The anchor text of the link
  6. Page linked from other external websites?
  7. Proximity of the page to the root location
  8. Location of the link (on the page)
  9. Page Content (topic, amount, time created, ect)
  10. Pagerank
  11. Excessive advertising
  12. Duplicate content?

Key thoughts regarding interior linking and crosslinking

On page linkbuilding or crosslinking is a vital part to the overall linkbuilding process of any online marketing campaign. As with anything in SEO everything is a process of analyzing and refinement. Choose to create crosslinks on pages that are already ranking well in the Search Engines and pay special attention to relevance and anchor text. On page criteria is a key part of the overall linkbuilding process.

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