10 Online Tools to Create Facebook Timeline Covers

Recently, Facebook introduced Timeline feature to all the Facebook users. Timeline feature replaces the profile page & wall and lets the users to turn their account into an online scrapbook of their life. Timeline design provides a big photo area at the top of your profile. This area works as a cover page for your life’s story so it is recognized as cover.

You can customize the timeline cover with the picture that reflects you or your hobby / interest. Many website are there which help you to create / design your own cover images by selecting premade awesome designs from different categories. These websites also let the users to create their cover images by selecting their own memorable images. Here is given a list of some great websites to create Facebook timeline background cover.

Websites for Creating a Facebook Timeline Cover:

  1. Newfacebookbanners

    Newfacebookbanners.com allows you to make new or customize premade Facebook Timeline Cover without charging you any amount. The site also lets you to use different types of tool and text options to insert text, draw and change the image’s hue & colors of the background. You can upload backgrounds, pictures and other graphics to create the dreamed Facebook Timeline Cover. You are able to add emoticons, profile picture banner frames and scrapebook art. Hit the “Done” button as you finish the banner, to save it in your pc in PNG image format.

  2. FaceitPages

    To make Facebook Timeline Cover you are required to create an account with this website. As you create an account “Create a New Timeline Cover” option will appear. No registration fees will be charged for you. The site allows you to select a premade layout or to upload your own background image. You can add your bio, personal/business information, upload a logo/small graphic as well as add other social network links such as Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, etc. You are also able to see the preview of your Timeline cover. After creating the image, you can download it on your computer and then upload on Facebook.

  3. Myfbcovers


    It is another great website to create your own Facebook Timeline Cover. You can make 2 types of covers: Custom FB cover and Photo Collage cover at this site. To create normal cover, upload image of your choice and make changes like flip, rotate, color settings, resize as well as give effects such as emboss, sepia, panorama, black & white, etc. Your created image will be added to the existing library covers by a screening process. Photo Collage cover is made from 24 photos of your friends’ profile. Before creating Photo Collage cover you are asked to be logged-in in your FB and share some FB information. You can also share the created cover with others and win $50 per week and $100 per month if your cover is the most downloaded image of the week.

  4. Thesitecanvas

    You are required to log into your Facebook account with CoverCanvas to make unique and stylish Facebook Timeline cover. The site provides more than 20 templates for you to select from. As you choose a template it will select the pictures automatically that are included. You are able to get a new set of images if you don’t like automatically selected pictures. After creating the desired cover, click “Make My Cover” button to upload it to your Facebook profile.

  5. Facebookprofilecovers

    another excellent website to get Facebook Timeline cover. Facebookprofilecovers provides cool and interesting covers for you to choose from the desired categories such as Animals, Celebs, Religion, Funny, Food, Cars, Flowers, Love, Geeks, Nature, etc. New designs of covers are added every day. Just click on the word “Make My Facebook Cover” pick a design you like and login to your Facebook account with FBProfileCovers.com. The site does not allow users to create their own covers but users can recommend or submit a cover on FacebookProfileCovers.com.

  6. Fbcoverpix

    Just log into your Facebook account and make/share your own created Facebook Timeline Cover or select any cover from premade collection. You can also download the cover to your pc without logging in to your FB account by visiting large gallery of the site. After downloading, upload the covers to Facebook yourself and add them as your cover pages. Fbcoverpix .com provides perfect appropriate cover for your profile.

  7. Coverize.me

    This site allows you to create or select a cover image from already made images. There are A-Z categories of premade cover images. These pre-made cover images may be just recycled banners, screensavers or Twitter backgrounds. Coverize.me provides 2 ways to download the images: automatically and manually. If you like to download the image automatically then you have to log in with Facebook. There is also “suggest a cover” page where you can leave a suggestion about which cover you want.

  8. Myprofilecover

    Myprofilecover provides a variety of categories such as animal, artist, car, nature, people, cartoon, etc. for you to choose from. You will also get Facebook Timeline Cover Images with motivational slogans as well as images of your favorite sports heroes or teams. Just, download your favorite cover image in your pc and then upload it, and add it as your new Timeline Cover.

  9. Facebooktimelinebanner

    It provides a huge collection of high-quality and awesome cover images for your Facebook Profile. Facebooktimelinebanners contains A-Z pre-made cover images categories ranging from games to illusions, abstract to funny, etc. and each category has lots of images under it. The site lets you to search particular type of cover image. Simply, right click at the image to save it to your computer and upload it to your Facebook profile.

  10. 99Covers

    There are 1000s of designs and collections of Facebook Timeline Cover images at 99covers.com. You will get many categories like actors, male & female models, actresses, music, creative, mood, sports, entertainment, nature, etc. to choose your favorite cover image. Click on the word “Add as My Facebook Cover” and then login in your FB account with 99Covers.com to upload and set the selected image as timeline cover.

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